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Indoor Cricket 6+

Action Cricket 6+

Action Cricket 6+ - Indoor Cricket 6+Action Cricket 6+ is the new and exciting team sport played indoors under the general rules of Indoor Cricket. Action Cricket 6+ has unique rules, high scoring format and simplicity making it an exciting game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and ability. Just as in Cricket the basic skills of running, hitting, fielding and throwing are the back bone of the game.

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Rule Book 
Cricket Rules 6+

Scoring Zones:

Scoring Zones: - Indoor Cricket 6+
The ball hitting the net from the bat into any of the following areas. Please note that you must complete a run between running creases to be awarded any Zone bonus runs.
Zone A ( 0 Runs )
Zone B ( 1 Run )
Zone C ( 2 Runs )
Zone D on the full ( 6 Runs ), Please note you can be caught.
Zone D after contacting the side nets
( 3 Runs )
Zone D after the ball has hit the ground, and hit directly ( 4 Runs )
Action 6+ Zone on the full ( 11 runs ), please note you can't be caught, but can be run out.
Sundries: No Balls ( 2 runs ), Wides
( 2 runs ) All sundries to be re-bowled in the 12th over and 16th over of each innings at the batters request.


A typical season consists of pre-season grading games, competition round games, and depending on how your team has faired in the round games, semi-finals and finals. Trophys are awarded to the winners and runners up in all grades.

Each team will play their games on their specified playing day. All teams are expected to play all scheduled games.

Adult Competition:
Wednesday - Social Mixed or Mens
Thursday - Mens or Mixed Competitive
Fri-Sat-Sun : get a social team together and just have a fun game
All equipment, umpires provided.

To enable us to provide your teams with the most suitable schedule of game times possible, when entering your team you must select which time zones are best suited to your team. All teams are expected to be able to play between 6 and 9.30pm time allocations but where possible, we will reschedule your preferred time where possible.

All of our competitions are run on a pay as you play basis, with each team simply having to pay their team's match fee prior to the start of each scheduled game. Our current fees are as follows:

Adult - $80 per team ($10 player) per game

Our competitions run all year round, and below is a schedule of the timings in which each of our competitions are played.
Summer League  - October to March
Autumn League - April - June 
Winter League - July to October

To enable us to maintain our payment structure, all teams must play all of their scheduled games. If a team cancels or defaults any game they will be required to pay full team fee prior or when they play their next scheduled game.

To enter into one of our weekly leagues, simply:
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Cricket Rules 6+